What do you have in your hands?

”Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

 By Theodore Roosevelt

What do you have in your hands? What are your resources? What people to you have around you and what do they have in their hands? Often people get very occupied by what they don’t have. In our times of media messages all over the place, we are exposed to all sorts of ideal successful people who appears to have it all. They are often presented to look great, they appear have all the key answers and they appear to be successful in all they do. Its not a bad thing to learn from and be inspired by genuine role models, but If we make those “super people” that are being sold to us, our reference there is a risk of getting lost. We just don’t see what we actually already have.

The founder of the global multi billion IKEA business, late Ingvar Kamprad, started his business journey by selling matchboxes and pens. That’s what he had in his hands where he started. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he made something of what he had that could added value to others and step by step it grew. Moses the ancient leader that at least three world religions relate to, got the question “what do you have in your hands”, and that stick he was holding in his hands, became instrumental for his success as a leader. 

What do you have in your hands? What can you do with what you have where you are?