Being in your sweet spot

What are you passionate about? What makes you excited? What gets you going? For many years I didn’t really understand the importance of being passionate about what I was doing. I was raised in a culture that was more directed by duty and responsibility. But looking back I realise that my biggest success moments was often found in the areas that I really enjoyed and got me excited. Did I get excited and passionate because I was good something or did I develop excellence because I was passionate about that area? I don’t know for sure but maybe both!

The point is that when you find what you are passionate about, and where that overlaps with what you are good at, you have found your ”sweet spot”. And when you have found your sweet spot you have a great chance of being successful at the same time as you fully enjoy what you are doing. Seldom can we operate only in our sweet spots. There are things we just have to do even if we don’t enjoy them. But if we can decrease the dragging duties and and increase the tasks that we are passionate about, we are moving towards more successful and happy lives.

Have you found your sweet spot?  I love being in mine! Wishing you a successful day!