Gathered from Clients

This is what some of Svante’s clients, leaders from different contexts, say about what’s significant for his style of coaching and mentoring:

“Good mentor with very good insight into our situation” 

“Svante has a great ability identify the core key issues. He challenges to take steps in my own development but still supports even if I didn’t do what I intended to do. Svante has a good structure and keeps the track and direction of the conversation”

“Clear. Specific. Sometimes challenging. Takes the time you need”

“Has the ability to listen and ask relevant questions. A humble attitude; “its a learning opportunity for me as well as for you” , Svante once said. ”

“Listening. Asks good questions, that challenge for new steps and further reflection.“

“Encouraging, patient, motivating, has the ability to make you reflect and reflects with you. He has an ability to read people and identify their strengths and work with those. He is a good communicator, with the ability to teach and make you think along new lines. ”

“I feel that Svante is very effective mentor. He understands the complicity of the situation and asks very effectively questions that helps me find solutions to my problems and helps me to see a bigger picture.”

“Responsive, encouraging & gives constructive feedback! “

And this is what they say about recommending Svante as Mentor-Coach:

“Recommend him warmly. He has meant a lot to me and my growth in leadership. He has spent time with me and cared. ”

“I would recommend him. ”

“No doubt, go for it!” 

“If you want someone who challenges, encourages, and motivates you taking steps in the direction you want to go to reach your goal, he’s the one I recommend”

“Would absolutely recommend Svante! “

“The best mentor you can ever get”

“A responsive mentor who listens , asks questions and gives advice into the situation you are in”