Ethical Policy

Mentors Across AB strives for long term sustainability, mutual respect, balance and harmony in all its relations.

These relations may be described as a beautiful mosaic of different artwork, where the artists tells different parts of one big ongoing story. For this big story, that we all are part of, as humans we share a common responsibility. This big artwork, originally created beautiful, is constantly challenged by selfish drives and powers. Mentors Across however wants to be a positive force that contributes to restoring the broken, making the hidden gemstones visible and polished so that the wonderful mosaic artwork becomes more and more beautiful.    

Among others, this practically means that Mentors Across AB strives towards:

  • The wellbeing of clients and their development should be at focus
  • Contracts and agreements should be honest, fair and righteous
  • Working hours and working loads for employees and resource people should be reasonable and long term sustainable 
  • All journeys by car or air are environmentally compensated for C02 emissions through tree planting
  • When using products like coffee etc, fair trade versions are chosen as far as possible 

The intention of this policy can by summarised by:

Treat others as you want to be treated!